30 for 30 Challenge: Summer Edition (RECAP)

As you all know by now, I just completed my 30 for 30 challenge. While I loved the entire process (well most of it), I particularly loved the creativity the challenge sparked in me. I also learned a few key things:

30 for 30 challenge

Source: www.kendieveryday.com

  • I am still a Classic girl at heart
  • My favorite colors to wear are black, white and blue, which also makes me a Minimalist (sort of!)
  • My go-to look is a pencil/straight skirt paired with a cute top/blouse
  • Unique pieces don’t add to a versatile wardrobe. I am not saying I would never buy them, they are just more difficult to “remix.” And since my goal is to have an everyday workable wardrobe, I will continue to invest in more versatile pieces.
  • Accessories are my friend. They gave me the tools to make each outfit unique in its own way.
  • Finally and most importantly, I can go 30 days without shopping and still find items to wear in my closet. I found this truth so liberating.

To recap, see below for all the 30 outfits.

30 for 30 challenge 30 for 30 challenge 30 for 30 challenge 30 for 30 challenge

30 for 30 challenge30 for 30 challenge

There you have it. All 30 outfits all in one place for your convenience. I hope these will give you some inspiration as you “remix” your closet pieces. Thanks for reading!



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