Thanksgiving dinner table

Hi All,

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend? My sister, best friend and I had a blast setting the dinner and food tables. I decided to use a classic black, white and gold color scheme. I gave it a  modern, personal and unique touch by folding the napkins into a playful bow-tie. I also used gold-foiled candy as accent pieces.  Instead of a traditional turkey, we had so much fun trying to turn our oven-roasted turkey into a cajun-spiced turkey.  Our friends helped out with some other menu items as well.

The kids were not forgotten! I set up a table for the kids and they loved it. Enjoy the pictures.

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Melon ice-cubes

Happy new week folks! Drinking water is a huge part of our everyday life. Why not spice up your regular cup of H2O with some melon ice-cubes. I used a combination of watermelon and cantaloupe (feel free to add Honeydew melons as well). See the end result below:

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Simple red velvet cupcakes in a jar

I loooove desserts! I can’t get enough of them. Even when I am full after dinner, there is always room for dessert. Red velvet cupcakes are one of my favorite desserts; and I usually prefer them very moist.

I have always wanted to try cupcakes in a jar, and recently the perfect opportunity presented itself when I put together my son’s birthday party. I made these red velvet cupcakes in a jar as a favor for the parents. 

I chose Betty Croker’s recipe as it was pretty simple and easy to make. I went the “Cake in a Box” route, but feel free to make the cupcakes from scratch if you choose to. I made the recipe even simpler (as I was running out of time) by skipping on making the frosting, and bought a ready-to-use frosting mix.

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