Summer Wedding Guest

A few weeks ago, I attended a friend’s wedding. Her wedding colors were pink and purple. I tried to stay within the color family (sort of) but also wanted to stick to items I already owned in my closet.

Recently, I purchased this skirt from an online store and was looking for an opportunity to wear it. I paired it with a top (actually a bodysuit) I have owned for years and worn a few times before. The truth is, you don’t always have to pull out your wallet each time there is a wedding. I am learning to remix old favorites to create new outfits…isn’t that what this blog is about anyways?

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Summer jumpsuits

Throughout this Summer, I have been pretty fascinated with jumpsuits. I tried to get in on the “trend” in the past but I never really found the right fit, until now! I must admit it, Forever 21 has had some really great styles and fit this year. I also love the length of the styles I found. You may remember that I wore a pair to a wedding recently, which I shared in a previous post.

Last Sunday, I wore another pair to church; also from Forever 21. The black and white vertical stripes of the jumpsuit creates an elongated and slimming look (which I always love haha). The super long length of the jumpsuit also creates the same effect.

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Closet remix: Jumpsuit and crop top

Over the past few weeks, I have become really interested in remixing and restyling my closet pieces. I think it has something to do with having run out of my shopping budget for the year; which usually pushes me to be more creative.

My creativity came in handy this Saturday, as I prepared to attend a wedding. The week prior, I almost lost my mind trying to figure out what to wear. I ordered two dresses which didn’t quite work out for me. I ended up returning them. By Saturday evening, I had run out of other options and was basically left with my closet and I had to get creative quickly. I thought of re-wearing my outfit from the recent Mother’s Day Shoot, but I knew I was just being lazy. I decided to push myself a little harder.

I opted to wear a jumpsuit I recently purchased from Forever 21. By itself, the jumpsuit (which is backless) is probably more suited for a resort/beach getaway with the hubby. To make it more wedding-appropriate, I layered the jumpsuit with a crop top. I loved the combination of the light pink of the crop top and the bronze of the jumpsuit – both of which are analogous to each other (that is, lay next to each other on the color wheel). Here is how the outfit turned out:

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