Closet Remix – Chambray Dress

Last Summer, I had a great time remixing and playing with pieces in my closet. I loved the idea so much that I did a full 30 day challenge – using just 30 items to create 30 outfits. While the challenge was pretty stressful, I loved the creativity it sparked in me. Since then,  I have made every effort to maximize my closet by “remixing” items to create new outfits. I did that recently with this chambray dress from Forever 21. I needed to find ways to “maximize” this particular dress, so I decided to pair it with a pink peplum skirt as a shirt.

In both outfits (as a dress and as a shirt), I decided to pair the blue chambray dress with red and orange hues as they are complementary to the blue of the chambray. Complementary colors are colors that exist on opposite ends of the color wheel and tend to complement each other.

Remember this from a previous post?


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Pencil vs. Straight Skirt

What’s the difference?

For so long I thought a straight skirt was a pencil skirt; but they are different. A pencil skirt is usually high-waisted, has a back or side slit for ease of movement, tapers around the thigh area, and usually ends right below the knee. A straight skirt on the other hand, is just that, straight – and may end a little above the knee. See the difference below:

#Pencil skirt

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Five ways to mix prints

One way to maximize your closet is by getting creative with putting outfits together using clothing items you would not have paired together. You can accomplish this by pairing prints and patterns together. This takes a lot of guts and creativity. If done correctly, it can look super chic. If not, it can come off looking tacky at best.

Here are a few tips you could make use of when creating looks with prints.

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