Closet Remix: 30 for 30

Hi All! Last week was super crazy in my household. We celebrated two milestone birthdays – my son turned 2 (at this stage, every birthday is a milestone), and I turned 30. I mentally prepared all year for this birthday and to tell you the truth, I am super stoked to be 30. I am looking forward to the amazing journey ahead.

Back to the post for today. Last week, I mentioned that I will be doing a “30 for 30″ challenge throughout the month of July. The aim of this challenge is to use 30 closet pieces to create 30 different outfits for 30 days.

#Why the challenge

A few weeks ago, I had to reevaluate my purpose for creating this blog. My intention was to declutter my existing closet and build one that would fit my personal style and lifestyle needs. However, in the course of being side tracked by newest fashion trends, I quickly blew my shopping budget for the year. I decided to take on this challenge to help me creatively style clothes I already own and maximize the wearing potential of my closet.

#Items that made it into the 30-piece capsule

For this challenge, I selected the following closet pieces:

  • ten tops/shirts
  • five skirts
  • three pants/jeans
  • one jacket
  • three dresses
  • one hat
  • one scarf
  • six pairs of shoes

#Items that did not make it into the 30-piece capsule

  • jewelry
  • belts
  • bags

Had these items been included, they would have limited my creativity since these closet pieces often help to amp up regular outfits.

#How I did it

Trying to create 30 looks with 30 closet pieces can be a tad challenging. For the first time in my life, I found permutation from Math Class applicable. I listed all the items I selected in an excel file, and created combinations of outfits that included just the 30 pieces listed above. I pushed myself to think creatively and try to create new looks with each item.

#Week 1 of the challenge

See the pictures below from my first week of the challenge:

closet remix: 30 for 30

closet remix: 30 for 30

# Giveaway

As a gift to my fabulous readers, I am hosting a giveaway in honor of my birthday. I am so in love with these Baublebar 360 stud earrings and will give out two of them on the blog. See details on how to enter below:




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