Cream of the crop top

Summer is coming to an end. But before we bid Summer our goodbyes, I hope you got a chance to try one of Summer’s biggest trends – the crop top.  (PS: see my opinion on trends here) One of the benefits of cleaning  out my closet was finding items I forgot I owned. While cleaning my closet, I found this crop top I bought online from Forever 21 over a year ago. At the time of the purchase, I did not realize it was a crop top. By the time it was delivered and after I realized what it was, it was too late to return it. I haven’t worn the crop top much, but during my last 30 for 30 challenge, I decided to add it to the mold. See how I styled it below.

Crop top pairing

  crop top If you are like me and would like to be part of the trend, without showing much skin, here are a few styling options for you to try before Summer is over. You can also let your crop top go the extra mile by layering it with a favorite shirt/blouse during the colder months.

#Pair with high-waisted skirt

# Pair with high-waisted pants

crop top

Photo Credit: Street Peeper


#Wear over a dress

crop top over dress

Photo Credit: Cupcakes and Cashmere

#Pair with overalls

how to wear a crop top

Photo Credit: Ring My Bell

#Layered up

Layering a crop top

Photo Credit: Refinery29


Are you planning on giving this trend a try? Or are you passing on it? I would love to hear your comments below.


  1. Love that top with the high waisted skirt :)
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  2. Stopping by from the SITS link up–I love the way you styled your crop top, and I really love the suggestion to put it over a longer blouse or dress during the colder months! I have shied away from the trend because I work in an office environment, but with those more modest styling options maybe I will give it a try!

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