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“Fashion is architecture: it’s a matter of proportions.” Coco Channel 

Personal Style


Now where did we stop in the journey to defining your personal style…body types. In The Pocket Stylist, the author, Kedall Farr, focused on discovering one’s body-type and dressing to enhance the same.  She introduces her readers to the concept of the invisible unbroken line, which means silhouettes and proportions should create the longest-looking body line for the wearer. The author describes 6 major body styles (I actually believe this is an oversimplification but it serves as a good start):

  1. Body Type A – The width of your torso is smaller than the width of your hips
  2. Body Type B – Your shoulders and hips are roughly the same width, with a defined waist
  3. Body Type C – The width of your shoulders is the same or wider than the width of your hips, with little definition at the waist
  4. Body Type D – Same as Type A but in Plus-Size
  5. Body Type E – Same as Type B but in Plus-Size
  6. Body Type F – Same as Type C but in plus-size

Different clothing types flatter the different body types. The key is finding the body type that most describes you and finding outfits that are best suited for you.

According to Farr, certain clothing items enhance each of the body types and they include:

  1. Body Type A – straight trousers or jeans, crops and capris, a-line or straight skirts, wrap tops, fitted tailored shirts, jackets with nipped waists, empire dresses etc. The goal will be to create the “longest looking line” by selecting shapes and proportions that slightly widen the appearance of the upper body against the lower body.
  2. Body Type B – dark stretch jeans (flare or bootcut), pencil skirts, jackets with nipped waists, belted jackets, nipped-waist sheath dresses etc. The goal will always be to make the waist a focal point to balance the width of the shoulders and hips.
  3. Body Type C – wide-leg trousers, gored skirt (i really don’t know what this looks like lol), banded bottom tops, cropped jackets, wrap dresses etc. The goal will be to create a longer looking middle, define the waist, or balance out the width of the shoulders (if you are blessed with broad shoulders).

I am a Type B kind of girl and I am learning how to work with my proportions.

Caveat: I didn’t take all the advice given hook line and sinker…I only accepted the ones I believed worked for me.

Have any thoughts on body types, fit and proportions? Please share in the comments section.

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  1. Joy @ Yesterfood says:

    That’s a handy way to start thinking about what body type you have. I enjoyed the examples you used- I hadn’t seen that picture of Michelle Obama- love her personality, her heart, and her style.

    Visiting from the Sweet Tea Social!

    • Awwww thanks Joy for stopping by and for your comment. I know, it’s such a quick and easy way to get started. I hope to learn more about body types soon!

  2. says:

    You really simplified how to define your body type. I’m a B, too!! My other big thing is to always look for V-necked tops, and not round as more flattering. Thanks!!! Happy to find you via SITS.

  3. I’m with you Tosin! These body types are definitely just a simplification so I view them as starting points. I’m a B so I try things they suggest and decide if I like it or not. For instance I like everything they suggested but I also like A-line skirts (suggested for Body Type A)!

  4. Great post! I am definitely taking note now :)

  5. Love this post. I’m a C Type and I do find myself looking for clothing that defines my nonexistent waist. Can’t wait to read more.

    • Thanks Maurissa. So happy you enjoyed it. I will definitely write more posts like this soon, I have found that it has been my most enjoyable post.


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