Denim guide: Find the right fit for your body type

I don’t know a female who does not own a pair of jeans. Jeans are super versatile – they can be worn casually or dressed up. However, finding the right fit & style has been the biggest challenge for most ladies. I hope these few tips will help you in finding the right pair of jeans.


Denim Guide: Find the right pair for your body type

If you are pear shaped – the width of your torso is smaller than the width of your hips – then you should go for a bootcut or a slightly flared jeans. This will help balance the size of your hips with the rest of your body. A deep blue wash will also help elongate the legs. Avoid super skinny and super high-waisted jeans. Both styles will disproportionately draw attention to your hips and make your legs appear shorter/bulky which is not flattering.

Pear Shape_Jeans

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If you have a hour-glass shape – your shoulders and hips are roughly the same width, with a defined waist – then you would should opt for a pair of jeans that will show off your curves, but not skin-tight. If you want to try the skinny style, go for one with some stretch to allow for smoother movement in the hips and butt area. Like the pear-shaped, you can also choose a bootcut or a slightly flared jeans.


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If you have an athletic figure – you have slimmer hips and a less defined waist – then you can pretty much wear any style of jeans. You can wear the super high waisted jeans in a skinny cut or flared cut (as seen below). For the flare cut, you can choose a pair with pockets (front, side, or back) to help create a curvier look.

Athletic Shape_Jeans

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If you are apple shaped – you carry extra weight in your mid-section – then you need a pair of jeans that will be more forgiving in the middle area. You should opt for a pair of jeans with a flat front – no additional buttons or extra flap, so as not to add additional bulk to your waistline. In addition, avoid any type of low rise as they would not give you the coverage you need for your mid-section. Go for a higher rise (as high as is comfortable without drawing attention to the mid-section). Straight cuts or bootcuts will help elongate your legs. Heels will also create a longer look from your waistline to your feet, which creates a slimming effect. Avoid super skinny jeans at all costs. Another great style tip, is to pair your jeans of choice with a peplum top (as seen below). This will help hide any unflattering bulge.

Apple Shape_Jeans

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If you are carrot shaped (inverted triangle) – you appear top-heavy with broad shoulders and slim hips – then you should opt for mid to high rise jeans to help create more definition at the waist and help create balance in your shape. You can get away with wearing any style from bootcut to straight or flare.

Carrot shape_Jeans

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I hope these tips were helpful to you. I hope you would also try out a style of jeans you haven’t tried before.

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