Summer Wedding Guest

A few weeks ago, I attended a friend’s wedding. Her wedding colors were pink and purple. I tried to stay within the color family (sort of) but also wanted to stick to items I already owned in my closet.

Recently, I purchased this skirt from an online store and was looking for an opportunity to wear it. I paired it with a top (actually a bodysuit) I have owned for years and worn a few times before. The truth is, you don’t always have to pull out your wallet each time there is a wedding. I am learning to remix old favorites to create new outfits…isn’t that what this blog is about anyways?

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Fashionable quotes

Hello all, it’s been a while I posted on here. However, I have been pretty active on Instagram (so make sure to follow @mystylepad for more of my style musings).

A couple weeks ago, I posted this quote on Instagram and it’s has gotten quite a lot of likes so I decided to post it on here. What comes to your mind when you see this quote?

Fashion rules

For me, when I first decided to get serious with my style, I really had to spend some time learning the rules and knowing the fashion game. But I quickly found that some of the rules could be broken. No fashion rule is universal and would not always work for everyone. So for me, this quote simply means…you have to know the rules to play the game, but winning at the game means some rules will have to be broken.

What does the quote mean to you? I really really want to know. Please sound off in the comments section below.

Accessories for men

Unlike women’s style with lots of options and variety, men’s style depends on accessorizing to create unique outfits. As a man, the way to maximize your closet (create multiple outfits from a limited closet) is to understand the role accessories play in creating unique outfits. Here are a few accessory items that you can add to your closet:

#Lapel pin and bow ties

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Summer jumpsuits

Throughout this Summer, I have been pretty fascinated with jumpsuits. I tried to get in on the “trend” in the past but I never really found the right fit, until now! I must admit it, Forever 21 has had some really great styles and fit this year. I also love the length of the styles I found. You may remember that I wore a pair to a wedding recently, which I shared in a previous post.

Last Sunday, I wore another pair to church; also from Forever 21. The black and white vertical stripes of the jumpsuit creates an elongated and slimming look (which I always love haha). The super long length of the jumpsuit also creates the same effect.

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Closet remix: Jumpsuit and crop top

Over the past few weeks, I have become really interested in remixing and restyling my closet pieces. I think it has something to do with having run out of my shopping budget for the year; which usually pushes me to be more creative.

My creativity came in handy this Saturday, as I prepared to attend a wedding. The week prior, I almost lost my mind trying to figure out what to wear. I ordered two dresses which didn’t quite work out for me. I ended up returning them. By Saturday evening, I had run out of other options and was basically left with my closet and I had to get creative quickly. I thought of re-wearing my outfit from the recent Mother’s Day Shoot, but I knew I was just being lazy. I decided to push myself a little harder.

I opted to wear a jumpsuit I recently purchased from Forever 21. By itself, the jumpsuit (which is backless) is probably more suited for a resort/beach getaway with the hubby. To make it more wedding-appropriate, I layered the jumpsuit with a crop top. I loved the combination of the light pink of the crop top and the bronze of the jumpsuit – both of which are analogous to each other (that is, lay next to each other on the color wheel). Here is how the outfit turned out:

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Closet Remix – Chambray Dress

Last Summer, I had a great time remixing and playing with pieces in my closet. I loved the idea so much that I did a full 30 day challenge – using just 30 items to create 30 outfits. While the challenge was pretty stressful, I loved the creativity it sparked in me. Since then,  I have made every effort to maximize my closet by “remixing” items to create new outfits. I did that recently with this chambray dress from Forever 21. I needed to find ways to “maximize” this particular dress, so I decided to pair it with a pink peplum skirt as a shirt.

In both outfits (as a dress and as a shirt), I decided to pair the blue chambray dress with red and orange hues as they are complementary to the blue of the chambray. Complementary colors are colors that exist on opposite ends of the color wheel and tend to complement each other.

Remember this from a previous post?


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Perfect Summer Outfit

Summer is officially here in Texas…and that means the 100-degree days are upon us. Summers in Texas call for light and comfortable clothes. That’s why I loved snagging this Chambray dress from Forever 21. The dress is super comfortable and also very versatile (more to come on that shortly). I paired the dress with a pair of super casual shoes to complete the perfect Summer outfit. I love the colors of the bag as well; they help to channel the spirit of Summer. This outfit is great for most occasions – from running errands to fun times at lunch with friends! Share with me your go-to comfort style for the Summer!

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Men’s Style

Did you miss our men’s style post from yesterday? Read it here.

Here are a few more pictures from our Father’s day photoshoot.

#The Summer Linen Look

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Men’s Style

It’s Father’s Day this Sunday in the US (June 21st). While I have always honored mothers with the “mothers with style series” on the blog, I haven’t really done much for the fathers. So this year, I am changing that.

I find men’s style really fascinating. Unlike women’s style, there are not a lot of options for men. Hence, men need a lot more creativity to put together a great outfit. Being able to pair items that are not typically worn together goes a long way in creating a great look. Also, being able to play with accessories to give an ordinary outfit the extra spice it needs is so important when putting together a great outfit.

Today, I am featuring a guy who I believe has been able to master the art of putting great outfits together, effortlessly. His ability to pair unusual pieces together is really impressive. Here is the first look he put together for the Fathers’ photoshoot. You can follow him on instagram @stylinmode for more style inspiration.

#The Suit

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Peplum and Chambray

Happy hump day! Hope you are having a great week so far.

Do you remember this peplum skirt from over a year ago? I decided to whip it out recently. While I love super dramatic skirts, I find them less versatile than my go-to pencil skirts. Because of the shape and color of this particular skirt, styling gets a little difficult. See how I have styled the skirt in the past – here and here.

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