Statement Shoes

Anyone that has been on this blog or knows me, knows that I am crazy about statement necklaces. But lately there is a new statement item that I have been swooning over…statement shoes! The details, style, cut, and design of statement shoes are what make them unique.

When added to your shoe closet, statement shoes help put a spark into the monotony of your everyday shoes. They are good for a night-out and are usually fun to wear. They can easily transform a basic outfit to a super stylish outfit! My favorite outfit combinations using statement shoes are – blue jeans and a basic white tee, and an all-black outfit. Two words that come to my mind…effortlessly chic!

Sophia Webster Shoes

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Pencil vs. Straight Skirt

What’s the difference?

For so long I thought a straight skirt was a pencil skirt; but they are different. A pencil skirt is usually high-waisted, has a back or side slit for ease of movement, tapers around the thigh area, and usually ends right below the knee. A straight skirt on the other hand, is just that, straight – and may end a little above the knee. See the difference below:

#Pencil skirt

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If you could live in your closet

If you could live in your closet, what would it look like?

One of my dreams is to build and design my closet. That dream still seems pretty far away, so all I can do for now is to keep dreaming of what I want it to look like. I also love helping friends clean out their closets. I helped a friend with cleaning out her closet this past weekend…and oh it was brutal. She wasn’t smiling when we were done. But I know she was pleased with the end result.

Here are a few closet inspiration to inspire us to keep dreaming about the closets we would love to own.

closet inspirationPhoto by Bjorn Wallander for Architectural Digest, designed by Aparicio + Associates [Read more…]

Building a tops closet

Have you ever looked through your closet and noticed all your tops/blouses look exactly alike – no variety. It seems you have the same style and shape in different colors. The reason for this is that most people fall into the trap of buying a good fitting shirt in all the colors they can find; because good-fitting tops are hard to come by these days.

However if your closet has similar tops, getting dressed everyday becomes really boring. Eventually, you will begin to feel like you don’t have enough clothes, even though you have tons of tops (all in the same style).

One of the ways to maximize your closet is to have a variety of tops that can each be paired with a variety of bottoms. And by tops I mean everything – blouses, shirts, t-shirts, camis, sweaters and the list goes on.

If you are re-building your closet like I did a couple years ago, here are a few basics you can start off with:

White button down:

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Mothers with style-5

Here are a few more amazing mothers with style I know! Missed the earlier posts, check here: one, two, three, four!

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Mothers with style – 4

Can’t get enough of these mommies. Here are a few more pictures from Mystylepad’s Mothers Day Shoot.

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Mothers with style-3

Here’s the third installment of the “Mothers with Style” series. Missed the previous posts, check here and here.

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Mothers with style – 2

In continuation of the “Mothers with Style” series, here are a few amazing women that were part of the Mothers Day photoshoot. As always each woman stayed true to her personal style:

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Mothers with style

Mothers’ day is May 10th (in some parts of the world). As I did last year, I will be featuring a few of my friends who are mothers, here on the blog. In these posts, I will show their personal style and how they succeed in remaining stylish and fabulous even while cleaning boogers and running after the kiddos. OK, maybe that is a little bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point; mothers can be stylish too.

My hope is that these posts will help inspire mothers out there to take pride in their sense of style and fashion.

We had our “Mothers’ Day Photo Shoot” this past Saturday and we had a blast. My son and I also got in on the action:

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Black on Black

Hi All,

I love midi dresses, so when I saw this dress on sale at Zara I was super excited. And when Baublebar introduced the Courtney Bib in Matte Black, I thought I was in fashion heaven. I was really excited to pair these two items together for a date night with hubby.

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