Spring cleaning my pantry: pantry organization

The success of my first closet detox encouraged me to clean out different parts of the house. After the closet, the pantry is usually the second culprit for clutter and disorganization. Sometime last year, I took a look at my pantry and this is what I saw!

Pantry Organization

There were items that had been in there (and never touched) since 2009! Many had expired while others were no longer edible. I even saw a potato that was growing into a mini-tree! This was unacceptable. The first task was to clean up and trash all that had expired and no longer edible. After cleaning up, I found some inspiration on Pinterest on Pantry Organization. I made a list of jars, containers and baskets I needed and for what use. I also found food label ideas on Pinterest. After so much cleaning and arranging (and some sleepless nights), here is what I came up with at that time.

pantry organization

Although I was able to clean out the pantry and organize items in bins, jars and other containers, it was still prone to clutter. The ground layer was a dumping ground for all and sundry. I wasn’t pleased with the plastic bins I stored my dry food items in, and my storage system was not easy to maintain. I needed something better!

Enter the The Modern African Woman!

My friend Chika’s blog post on organizing her pantry offered me the perfect solution to my pantry problem! I especially loved the glass jars that were the focal point of her post.


Armed with a list, I went to Walmart to see if I could find similar jars – I did! These jars replaced the plastic bins I had placed on the floor (see picture above). I got straight to work, and here is the final product:

pantry organization

A closer look.

pantry organization

I couldn’t forget the spices!

spice organization kitchen

      • Anchor Jars: I used the anchor jars for my bulk dry goods like beans, rice, yam powder, flour etc. (Buy similar here)
      • Mason Jars: I used the mason jars for other dry goods (like oatmeal, custard, salt, sugar etc), coffee & tea, packaged snacks, chocolates and candy (Buy similar here)
      • Large to medium sized baskets: I used the baskets to store potatoes, onions, pasta, noodles, cookies and other pastries (Buy similar here)
      • Small baskets: These were used to store condiments such as ketchup, soy sauce, mustard etc (Buy similar here)
      • Can Racks: These were used to store all types of canned goods (Buy similar here)
      • 3-Tier Organizer: These were used as a catch-all for items that did not have a specific “home.” I also used this organizer for my spices in the spice cabinet. (Buy similar here)
      • Crates: Finally, I bought some crates to store bottles of oil, vinegar and other bottled drinks (Buy similar here)
      • Labels: I used a free template of labels I found on Pinterest.


kitchen organization

I placed the tea on the kitchen counter since I drink tea too many times in one day.


The cereal containers were moved from the pantry and placed at the top of the fridge in the kitchen, which is the first place hubby looks at when he needs a cereal fix.

Since I have a place for almost everything, I hope this new system stands the test of time. I will keep editing to accommodate changes to our lifestyle (e.g. when my son is tall enough to reach those baskets filled with C O O K I E S!)

kitchen organization

Source: Forbes

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  1. I can’t wait to do this! I am shuddering at how much I will be throwing out! Great post.

  2. I’m loving your Ideas right now. Definitely adding jars and containers to my grocery list before the great cleaning day. :) I’ve already set up a date for my spring cleaning while still intensely waiting for spring to come in Minnesota. Thanks for sharing such a helpful post.

  3. Very nice. I just might try this.

  4. D.Wealth says:

    I know this kitchen and pantry very well. This is awesome. *Off to Walmart right now*

  5. Anonymous says:

    Awesome! I am going to begin this process today! (rainy day in Florida)

  6. Great job Tosin. I have an open kitchen and have been trying to find creative ways of tying it into the look our living area. Excellent idea and very chic too by the way. 😉

  7. Yes! Ready to toss my plastics away and have a grown up pounded yam jar. :)

  8. love it !

  9. I’m in love with this and your blog Tosin! Completely fabulous and very helpful…..

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