Pencil vs. Straight Skirt

What’s the difference?

For so long I thought a straight skirt was a pencil skirt; but they are different. A pencil skirt is usually high-waisted, has a back or side slit for ease of movement, tapers around the thigh area, and usually ends right below the knee. A straight skirt on the other hand, is just that, straight – and may end a little above the knee. See the difference below:

#Pencil skirt

Anatomy of a Pencil Skirt

#Straight Skirt

Straight Skirt

The pencil skirt is usually dressier while the straight skirt is more conservative. Depending on your work culture, you can wear both interchangeably. For more conservative work environments, the straight skirt is usually the way to go. So when next you go out shopping, remember the difference between the two. This will help you buy the right skirt for the right occasion.

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