Sesame Street Birthday Party

Following my 30 for 30 challenge, I have put myself on a style break. This week, we are talking about kids’ parties! A few weeks ago, I put together a Sesame Street birthday party for my 2-year old. After a somewhat unsuccessful  1st birthday (ps: see cake below), I figured I had to do something memorable for his 2nd birthday.

First birthday cake (Yes! He loves sports)

first birthday cake

For his first birthday, I ordered a cake to celebrate at home. As you can see the cake did not quite make it to the house in a one piece.

His second birthday was the perfect opportunity to redeem myself from the previous year’s fiasco. After trying to figure out a theme, I decided on “Sesame Street”. Who doesn’t like Elmo?  As soon as the theme was decided on, I went into full planning mode (I get pretty excited about things like this). Pinterest is a haven of cool party ideas!


To set the mood for any themed party, invitations are a great way to build up excitement. To stay within our party budget, I opted for an email invitation aka evite. Should you decide to go the paper route, Etsy has a lot of awesome options.

Sesame Street Birthday Party


#Table settings

Texas Summers are really hot! So we were forced to have an indoor party. However, this gave me the liberty of having a place setting for each child guest. Each child guest got a personalized cup (and place card), place setting, and a red and white chevron straw.

Sesame Street Party

Sesame Street Party


Printables are an easy and fun way to add some color to a party. With Pinterest, you can find tons of FREE printables for your party. However, I chose to buy the printables because I preferred this particular design to the free ones I found.

Sesame Street Birthday Party

Sesame Street Birthday Party

#Other decor

In the spirit of our party theme, I added a few more Sesame Street decorations around the house (and outside too). I found the elmo footprint illustration online. I printed these at Office Depot and cut them out.

Sesame Street Birthday Party

The “Happy Birthday” banner was given to me by a very creative friend of mine.

Sesame Street Birthday Party

These Elmo smiling balloons were purchased at the dollar store. Each guest got to take one home after the party.

Sesame Street Birthday Party

#Cake and cupcakes

Themed birthday cakes are fast becoming a tradition at our house. 

Sesame street birthday party

Elmo cupcakes


I love party favors. However, I am not a huge fan of favor items that are not very useful. Therefore I was on a mission to find favor items that were fun, affordable, and functional. I was truly lucky with my finds; it was like the entire universe conspired to make sure I found exactly what I needed. A couple of weeks to the party, I got a call from a friend (the same one from above). She mentioned that Target had awesome Elmo items for sale. I headed over to Target where I had to make the difficult choice of choosing just two items for each guest. The Elmo sandwich and snack boxes (see below) made the cut.

I also purchased the Sesame Street books to add to the favor bags. Of course no kiddie party is complete without Goldfish crackers!

Sesame Street Birthday Party

Sesame Street Birthday

I also wanted to give the parents a little something for bringing their kids to play. I made these red velvet cupcakes in a jar as a favor for the parents.

Sesame Street Birthday Party

#Photo Booth

No party is complete without a photo booth! This was set up in the backyard.

Sesame Street Birthday Party

The personalized Elmo t-shirt was also given by a friend (Yes, the same one from above). Can you tell how much I lover her?

The awesome pictures were taken by another very creative friend of ours, Bomaone Photography. You can check out his awesome pictures here via Instagram.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed it.  Let me know which design aspect resonated with you the most. Also if you are planning a birthday party, I would love to hear about the theme and designs.


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