Shopping mistakes I made!

I started this blog to document my journey towards defining my personal style and revamping my closet. Although I had accumulated so many clothes, I was still unable to put together great outfits.

One of the major reasons for this was the way I shopped. Here are some shopping mistakes I made:

shopping mistakes I made

  • Signing up for online sale emails: Have you ever received an email that promised you a spot to a very exclusive shopping club.Those ones that invite you to a “private” sale event, that everyone knew about. They had links to different stores and different clothing items. Yes! This was my biggest mistake ever. Every Monday morning, I would get those sale emails in my inbox. And every Monday, I made sure I bought at least one item that had been seriously marked down. Since most of the items were final sale, they could not be returned. Needless to say, I was stuck with many ill-fitting clothes.
  • Buying the same clothing item in different colors: THREE was the perfect number! If I found an item I thought I liked, I would buy it in three different colors even without having tried it on once. More often than not, once I received these items in the mail, I was forced to keep them. For example: sometime last year I bought a jacket in three different colors (see below). The jacket looked great online, but did not fit right. It was not as structured as I wanted it to be. I kept all three and never really enjoyed wearing them. I did the same with a pair of colored jeans from Express.
Pim and Larkin Collage

Source: Polyvore

  • Getting caught up in fashion trends: I think trends are useful; they give us the direction in which styles, lines, shapes, colors, patterns and textures are headed. However, I realize not all trends are supposed to be worn by everybody (especially me!!!). Some are meant to be merely admired. Classic example: Harem Pants. And I was a victim. So was Jennifer Hudson (see below). Unlike Jennifer, I discovered early that the pants didn’t flatter my figure. Thankfully, Jennifer has been making great style decisions lately.
  • Getting fixated on size: Clothing size is nothing but a number. I was so stuck on shopping a particular dress size that I ended up with ill-fitting clothes. Bad idea! If I must go up (or down) a size, I will do it!
  • Getting stuck in a store rut: I love Forever 21, but all my clothes don’t have to come from the same store store. Building a functional closet means having different options and styles to choose from. This can be achieved by choosing styles, fabrics, patterns and textures from different stores.

Ultimately, I have realized that going shopping without a goal or a set of goals is a sure fire way to overspend and end up with an uncoordinated closet. Clothes and shoes I purchase should enhance my existing closet.

I will be sharing how I am building a functional closet in the next few weeks.

Also, since it’s Valentine’s week, I just wanted to take some time to express my deepest love for all my readers. You guys make blogging easy. When I am faced with challenging days, I am reminded of your wonderful comments and support. Love you all. Hope you enjoy your Valentine’s day.

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  1. I tend to buy the same items in different colors, too. i’m not much for cute outfits so it’s just easier for me!

    • I totally agree, it’s so much easier to just do that. To be honest, I still do it sometimes. I just make sure I completely love the item. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I don’t usually ever shop online because I’m nervous about whether clothes will fit or not! So for me that’s a good deterrent about not buying too much: I don’t buy clothes when I can’t try them on first.

    • Rachel, I wish I were like you. I just don’t have that much discipline. But I am getting better by returning items that don’t fit. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Hahaha @ Jennifer Hudson’s picture!A mistake I make is shopping too often online, and been too lazy to return items that don’t fit.

  4. I think we all have some buying mistakes in our closets. I know I sure do. I don’t shop online much because I like to feel & try on. I did clean out my closet before the holidays & could probably still get rid of so much more.

  5. I’ve made some of these same mistakes, especially buying the same outfit in different colors and buying the outfit even if it did not fit the way I wanted all because I may have loved the color or the style. But thankfully I am learning to do what is right when it comes to fashion. There are some basic must have in everyone’s wardrobe and everything else comes after. Thanks for being so transparent and to share your fashion journey with us.

  6. It’s always good to learn from our mistakes. I loved seeing your flashback outfit. I remember those trends! Fun!

  7. Awujoola Okonkwo says:

    My shopping mistake is buying an outfit i love that’s my style even when its a size smaller

  8. I rarely buy my clothes online. I’ve only had good luck once with clothes I found on ZuLily. Mostly I have to try everything on!

    • Hi Taralyn, I agree online shopping is pretty hard…it’s tough when you can’t try on the outfit. Most times, I try to buy different sizes of the same style and then return the one that does not fit. But it’s usually such a hassle lol.

  9. My biggest shopping mistake is definitely buying clothes online! Because I very rarely return anything since I would have to pay shipping back etc. and so many times what I get I think “oh, it’s not THAT bad”, but if I would’ve tried it on in the shop I would never had bought it!

    • Hi Sylvia, returning is usually such a hassle. But what I do is to only buy from stores that have free shipping and returns, so if I have to return anything, I won’t be out-of-pocket for the shipping. That has worked well for me and it encourages me to return the items I don’t love too!

  10. Ada Akogun says:

    I always buy in threes as well! I think I have three colors of most things in my wardrobe!!! Loved this!


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