Peplum and Chambray

Happy hump day! Hope you are having a great week so far.

Do you remember this peplum skirt from over a year ago? I decided to whip it out recently. While I love super dramatic skirts, I find them less versatile than my go-to pencil skirts. Because of the shape and color of this particular skirt, styling gets a little difficult. See how I have styled the skirt in the past – here and here.

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Building a tops closet

Have you ever looked through your closet and noticed all your tops/blouses look exactly alike – no variety. It seems you have the same style and shape in different colors. The reason for this is that most people fall into the trap of buying a good fitting shirt in all the colors they can find; because good-fitting tops are hard to come by these days.

However if your closet has similar tops, getting dressed everyday becomes really boring. Eventually, you will begin to feel like you don’t have enough clothes, even though you have tons of tops (all in the same style).

One of the ways to maximize your closet is to have a variety of tops that can each be paired with a variety of bottoms. And by tops I mean everything – blouses, shirts, t-shirts, camis, sweaters and the list goes on.

If you are re-building your closet like I did a couple years ago, here are a few basics you can start off with:

White button down:

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Five ways to mix prints

One way to maximize your closet is by getting creative with putting outfits together using clothing items you would not have paired together. You can accomplish this by pairing prints and patterns together. This takes a lot of guts and creativity. If done correctly, it can look super chic. If not, it can come off looking tacky at best.

Here are a few tips you could make use of when creating looks with prints.

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