Denim guide: Find the right fit for your body type

I don’t know a female who does not own a pair of jeans. Jeans are super versatile – they can be worn casually or dressed up. However, finding the right fit & style has been the biggest challenge for most ladies. I hope these few tips will help you in finding the right pair of jeans.


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My Perfect Jeans

First let me apologize for the late post this week…blame it on the s s s s s sinus infection! It’s been a pretty rough week, but I am always glad to be back.

Everyone needs the PERFECT PAIR OF JEANS. And I am no exception. My journey to finding my personal style has led me to craft what I refer to as my “style philosophy.” Here it goes!

Style Philosophy

This has helped me identify specific closet items as well as saved me some money. Now, I know the difference between “appreciating” a particular style/trend and “loving” it. To love it is for it to fit my style philosophy. I no longer spend money on items I do not love.

Remember my jean shopping experience last October? In case you are wondering how that turned out, the store asked me to keep the additional funds whoop whoop! (Catch up on the interesting story here).

Back to my story! I went out looking for the perfect jeans, one that would elongate and slim my silhouette, and balance the width of my hips with the rest of my body (remember, I am a type B kinda of gal). Ultimately, I was drawn to a flared hem in dark wash. A flared hem usually balances the hips with the rest of the body. The dark wash also creates a slimming effect. Jeans with tapered or straight legs would only exaggerate my hips and make me bottom-heavy. The pair I selected also had a slight stretch to it, which made it more comfortable.

Here is the final product:

Denim on Denim with leopard print

Outfit: 7 For all Mankind Jeans (here) // Forever 21 denim shirt (old, similar here) // Nine West Pumps (similar on sale here) // JewelMint Fringe Necklace (here)

Denim on Denim with Leopard Prints

Outfit: 7 For all Mankind Jeans (here) // Forever 21 denim shirt (old, similar here) // Nine West Pumps (similar on sale here) // JewelMint Fringe Necklace (here)


Caveat: People change, I will change. I know my style philosophy will not always be the same. At some point in the future, I may choose something completely opposite. But at this point, this works for me!

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Photographed by Malekfoto


Is that for me?

I have tried them all. Every wash, shape, and length. But I never found the perfect fit, at least one to outlast the different seasons and sizes of my life. So as part of the process of building a functional closet, I was on the quest for the perfect pair of jeans.

I had one store in mind. Seven for all mankind. I had heard so much about their jeans and I figured I would try them out.

I went into the Dallas store and bought what I thought to be the perfect pair. (PS: stay tuned for how I found the perfect pair!)Three weeks after, I found out there was a 30% off sale on the website. And not one to let a good deal pass by, I went into the store for a return (this was a big deal as the store is over 20 miles away). Long story short, I was given a gift card. Excited, I went online to make the purchase. I was able to buy two pairs of jeans for the price of one. However, I got an email that the second pair I ordered was out of stock and the amount had been refunded to my gift card. Days later, I decided to check the balance on my gift card. And here is what I found…


I had been refunded three times the amount of the second pair! What!

So I went on a shopping spree!!! See my picks below!

7JEANS2_Kimmie Bootcut


Haha! I kid, I kid!

What I did was to call the store and online customer service department. However, no one seems to know how it happened and how it can be fixed (that’s the problem with big corporations lol).

So here I am, waiting for Cyber Monday, hoping I will be given the green light to do some major damage with this gift card. Will keep you posted!

Hope you all have the same luck with your Cyber Monday Shopping! Happy Shopping!


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