Men’s Style

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Here are a few more pictures from our Father’s day photoshoot.

#The Summer Linen Look

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Men’s Style

It’s Father’s Day this Sunday in the US (June 21st). While I have always honored mothers with the “mothers with style series” on the blog, I haven’t really done much for the fathers. So this year, I am changing that.

I find men’s style really fascinating. Unlike women’s style, there are not a lot of options for men. Hence, men need a lot more creativity to put together a great outfit. Being able to pair items that are not typically worn together goes a long way in creating a great look. Also, being able to play with accessories to give an ordinary outfit the extra spice it needs is so important when putting together a great outfit.

Today, I am featuring a guy who I believe has been able to master the art of putting great outfits together, effortlessly. His ability to pair unusual pieces together is really impressive. Here is the first look he put together for the Fathers’ photoshoot. You can follow him on instagram @stylinmode for more style inspiration.

#The Suit

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Style of the Week

Hi All! Happy New Week.

Men's Style


OUTFIT DETAILS: Pants (on sale here); Sweater (sold out, similar here and here); Shoes (here), Bag (similar here); Belt (similar here)

Style created by @Stylinmode. Visit Instagram page for more inspiration.